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From the team that brought you TrueHoop, The Basketball Analogy and The Basketball Friends now brings you the BACK TO BACK PODCAST. Five Shows, Five Days, Basketball and Culture. Intelligence and Silliness. 

Jul 5, 2018

Nerder She Wrote: Tom Haberstroh, David Thorpe and Michael C. Wright on all things Kawhi Leonard. 


Spurs too controlling 

Spurs never got chance to see if their plan worked

Uncle Dennis fanning the flames

Spurs gave Kawhi control last August 

Kawhi's camp not allowing him to talk with Spurs in NY

Spurs were too accommodating

Kawhi and his camp figured out how big a star he was

Can a big pay day change things? Or will they do this again?

Kawhi still has time to change things or is it too late?

Spurs want the world, Lakers are hesitant 

Spurs want Kawhi to talk to them without his camp

Issues with family handling business

At a point of no return, but Spurs do not want to trade him

Pop's media criticisms and effect on Kawhi's thoughts

Tony Parker's injury comparison was blown out of proportion 

Gave Kawhi's camp ammunition though

Kawhi may have upset vets with decisions

Made false promises in players only meeting

What was the biggest turning point? Trade rumors 

Death of Pop's wife came into play

Kawhi did not want to meet with Pop

Kawhi felt Spurs were leaking info

Why does he not want to play in San Antonio?

Could have felt isolated from injury and quiet personality 

Kawhi is not Tim Duncan

Uncle Dennis is wild 

Where will he be next year?

Wants to go to the Clippers!

Lakers have best package but can't sacrifice too much

He just wants to be in LA

Be careful what you wish for

Tom's Joel Anthony story and media availability

Lonzo Ball???

Coach wants him in Toronto or Washington

Kawhi in LA will be a big pressure situation 

Kawhi and LeBron fit

76ers have medical info on Kawhi! 

Will he play next year in San Antonio or will he sit out? 

How the Lakers are building his team, bunch of old people

Kicking the can down the road

How does LeBron in LA effect the Spurs

Tom's Boogie and Spin Cycle Media rant


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